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Distribution Packages

  • We can tailor make your distribution needs by giving you the option of multiple packages in which you can be picky and decide where you want your tunes, who knows you might have a grudge against Apple, or want to do a Taylor Swift and sack off Spotify.
    • I Want It All – Complete package. Includes; iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play and all the other 100’s of platforms.
    • The Big 4 – Includes Spotify, Google Play, iTunes & Amazon.
    • No Streaming – Only includes iTunes, Amazon and Google Play Apple music and streaming option with Google Play not activated.
    • Just Streaming – Includes Spotify, Google Play, Apple Music, and all the other streaming platforms.
  • We also offer the opportunity to sell any physical music and merchandise you may have on Amazon Marketplace.

Distribution Costs

  • Costs, what costs? Why should you have to pay to get your music out there???
  • Because we’re awesome and know how tough it is in the music industry we don’t have any hidden start up, uploading or storage fees unlike many of our fellow distributors. You get to keep 85% of your revenue as its your music after all, we’d love to give you the full 100% but there needs to be a small admin fee to cover sorting through the thousands of streams and downloads you’ll surely get!!

Monthly Payouts and Revenue Reports

  • Once your music has been distributed and people start downloading and listening to your tunes this is when the fun stuff happens!! To start with we’ll send out quarterly reports on all your sales/streams across the board- we do this because at first seeing those initial streaming figures can be a bit of a downer so to keep spirits up we like to do it quarterly. Once everything has picked up, or if you want to have monthly right off the bat, we’ll send them at the end of each month.
  • When it comes to dolling out the cash we account everything and then once you’ve hit £100 a month we will start sending you your earnings.
  • With your reports we can make them as detailed or simple as you wish. Some people like to see just the total and that’s it, whilst others like all details, for example they want to see how many people streamed their tunes in Peru on Spotify or bought their EP in Russia on iTunes… the potential is infinite.

Client Support

  • Our team have a wealth of experience through all aspects of the music industry from years of working in the legal side to recording artists. Our team are mega friendly and approachable making our client support top notch- some have been known to take client calls whilst sunbathing on holiday… that’s how dedicated we are!
  • Once signed up with us you’ll be assigned to one of our lovely team and we’ll try and match them as best as possible to your music needs. We’re quite a varied bunch so we like to think that we’ve got someone for any music genre.


  • Our mission in life is to get your music out there and listened to, so we not only give you plenty of advice on how you can do it yourself but also offer a number of different Social Media Management packages ranging from full management to page set-up and MOT services!
  • We can hook you up with contacts of ours who run successful YouTube pages and get your music featured on there… if you want of course, but why wouldn’t you?!
  • So many of the digital platforms now-a-days can be used as a powerful tool to help promote yourselves and we can give you all the tips and help you need to take advantage of these incredible free promotional tools.

Publishing advice

  • Due to our teams’ many years of multi layered experience in the industry we’ve built up a wealth of knowledge regarding publishing, royalties etc which we are more than willing to pass on to you.
  • We can’t create PRS accounts (that’s if you haven’t already signed up) but we can give you plenty of advice and point you in the right direction. We will always recommend that you have an account because how else will you receive your royalties for your music?!


  • Here at Mile Digital we’re a pretty accepting bunch and don’t discriminate against any genre. No matter how out there your music is, send it over!
  • We’ve had plenty of experience uploading a number of various genres and fully understand all the platforms Data Standards so know how to represent your music in the best way.
  • We’ve distributed for a number of Classical musicians so fully understand complicated metadata and are more than willing to help you make sure that all the correct information is present.

Your Label

  • You don’t need to be signed to a label to distribute through us- this is YOUR music, why not YOUR label too?!

Code Assignment

  • We have the resources to assign your music all the necessary barcodes (UPC) and ISRCs, so do not fret if you haven’t signed up for these.