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General questions

Yes – Simply use the “Contact Us” form to get in touch with us, and we’ll take it from there by discussing and providing you with all of the required documentation. We can start uploading your music as soon as those are all signed and returned with your .wav files, artwork, and metadata!

Yes we do, but we don’t accept sound-a-likes. Original Composers and rights owners must be credited (we can help with that).

Yes, we do! We can currently sell your CDs, Vinyl’s, Cassettes etc through Amazon Marketplace.

Really Quick! Although each platform varies, we advise you to give us at least two weeks’ notice before uploading. This will guarantee that the content is online and ready to be published! On occasion we will aim to get your content live within 2-3 days if its urgent (excluding iTunes – because of a very thorough checking system).

Metadata is basically all of the information behind your music. Information like who wrote, who the publisher is, who mixed and mastered it, and so forth. This information is important for us to have so that all the correct royalties etc go to the right people! If you need more help in filling out our forms, please give a shout and our friendly team will sort you out!

Frequently Asked Questions

No – There are NO additional or hidden fees. We simply take 15% as an admin charge, so you keep 85% of all earnings.

No YOUR LABEL (Your Music) guarantees that you have full rights to the music you own and create. We are just here to help you get it heard. If you are releasing a cover, we help make sure the correct rights owners are listed.

Once your account has hit £100, we’ll start sending over your cash every month with your revenue reports. But, before the payment threshold is hit we can send quarterly reports if you like.

You sure can. For more information about this, get in contact with us today!

We reserve the right to decline at our discretion if the product is in breach of copyright, poor recording quality, or is offensive. Further details can be found in our T&Cs upon application.

OUR happy clients

“Mile Digital have always been super supportive and helpful with all of our releases".
“Working with Mile Digital has been an absolute game changer".
“Mile are everything you want and more as distributors. They are attentive and support your music, but also you as an artist".

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